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Pre-Op Surgical Menopause

Dear Pre-op Women,


Women facing surgical menopause (surmeno) are often not properly prepared for what to expect. The pre-op stage is particularly stressful because you are leaping into the great unknown. Physicians usually mention surgical menopause as an afterthought to their patients. To be fair doctors are usually focused on the issue at hand and the reason for your surgery, rather than the after care and quality of life issues that this surgery may present down the road.


Before embarking on your research remember that your body is unique to you, as will be your post-op symptoms. Please keep in mind when reading blogs, message boards, and joining support groups that often the women who frequent these platforms are the ones struggling the most. That does not mean you will have those same struggles.  You may be fortunate, and your struggles may be lighter and easier to handle.  Symptoms from surgery can take days, weeks, or months to appear and become bothersome.


The idea of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) comes with fear and uncertainty. The internet is riddled with different opinions about hormone replacement. Remember that we in Surgical Menopause are unique and quite different from women in natural menopause. For us, HRT is used to counteract our hormone loss, and mimic the natural course of nature. Science has evolved on the side of HRT, especially in Surgical Menopause. The decision to take HRT should be doctor lead. Your personal health and family history will help your doctor decide if you are a candidate. It’s essential to search for a knowledgeable , compassionate and sympathetic doctor or team of doctors to manage your post-op care. We wish you well on your surgery, and we are here for you post-op.



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