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WELCOME to The Surmeno Connection. We are an online resource and support group for women who are in Surgical Menopause due to surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or other medications. Please allow us to introduce ourselves and tell you a little more about who we are and explain how we came to be.

We are two women, from opposite sides of the country, who met when one of us began an online support group for surgical menopause.  We have both had surgeries that placed us into this hormone jungle known as surgical menopause, and we quickly realized there was little dedicated information available for women living with this condition. Recognizing this need, we compiled whatever relevant information we could find that was both accurate and helpful.  As we started answering questions on our online support group, we discovered other women were similarly struggling to feel less alone as well as find good information.  So, we put our heads together and decided a website where women, doctors, partners and spouses could come to find information and support would be a wonderful service for those not knowing where to turn.


We are not doctors.  One of us has a degree in nutrition and works in the arts, while the other teaches essential oils.  We have our own experiences, as well as the thousands of experiences of the women from our support group.  We have pulled the information for this site from sound resources and have compiled it together for you, in an easy to understand fashion.  Hopefully, it will help you in working with your doctor to make the best informed decisions for your body and health.  Our goal is to help every woman feel informed and never feel alone. 


We cannot be held responsible for any medical decisions you make.  Please consult with your doctor regarding all treatments you ultimately choose.  The information on this website is for personal education and sharing only.  Please do not copy or reuse the articles within in this web page for any other purposes without written permission from us. 

The Surmeno Connection
Stacy- Executive Director


Co-Founder/ Executive Director

STACY is an advocate for Women’s Health and Surgical Menopause. She is Co-Founder, and President/Director of “The Surmeno Connection”. In 2017 the story of her journey with Endometriosis was published online in the popular health blog, Hormones Matter. In addition to her committed work with women in Surgical Menopause, Stacy is a published writer, Auntie to seven, homemaker and essential oil enthusiast. She resides in Roseville, California, along with her husband of 22 years, and her two rescue dogs, Charlie and Rae.

Nicole- Co Founder


Co-Founder/Board Member

NICOLE is an advocate for women in Surgical Menopause. She is Co-Founder and Board Member of the " The Surmeno Connection".  In addition to her work advocating for this health condition, Nicole has a 20 year background working in the arts and entertainment. Presently she is working as an artist, illustrator, and art director for film and television. She lives in New York City with her family and two dogs, Huck and Gulliver.


Brooke Gorsuch.jpeg


Social Media Lead

Brooke is the Social Media Lead for The Surmeno Connection.  Brooke entered Surgical Menopause in 2017 after years of endometriosis and adenomyosis issues.  Seeking advice and support she found The Surmeno Connection and soon began volunteering for the group.  Brooke lives with her husband and twin daughters in Oklahoma, where she stays busy with school activities, working out, and spending time with family and friends.

Kate -Team Lead


Peer Support Team Lead

Kate is a proud contributor to The Surmeno Connection as well as a Team Lead for the Peer Support Group.  In addition to her volunteered time for The Surmeno Connection, Kate uses her degrees in Hospice and Pastoral Ministry to assist families and individuals in coping with the grief of losing a loved one.  Kate entered Surmeno in 2017 at the age of 27, looking to put an end to years of pelvic pain, and came out as an advocate for greater education regarding women's health.  Kate and her family live in Michigan



Peer Support Team Lead

Having worked in cancer research for nine years, and spending over 20 years in education, Michelle has dedicated her life to public service and helping others.  Also a published author of several scientific and educational articles, she is especially passionate about Surgical Menopause and blood clots.  As a Peer Support Team Lead for The Surmeno Connection, Michelle hopes to help educate, support and help women through the struggles of Surgical Menopause; something she found lacking in the medical community.  In her free time, she enjoys reading walking and spending time with her family and husband of 14 years. However, Michelle's world and greatest supporters are her two pugs, Luna and Gordie.  



Peer Support Team Lead

Kathyann entered surgical menopause at age 33 after testing positive for the BRCA1 gene mutation.  Finding The Surmeno Connection, was life changing for her.  Kathyann has worked in veterinary medicine for 15 years and wildlife rehabilitation for 25.  Her caring and supportive nature has transferred well into being a Peer Support Team Lead for TSC.  Kathyann lives in Washington with her husband, two children and a handful of animals, which include two squirrels.



Peer Support Team Lead

Bio Coming Soon

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